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The ugly duckling

Once upon a time there was a mother duck who was waiting for her eggs to hatch.
The ducklings hatched one at a time, they were all adorable little yellow bundles, apart from one who was all grey and incredibly big.
Compared to his brothers he was really ugly.
The next day, mother duck took her ducklings to the pond.
When they got there, the other ducks started being horrible to the grey duckling: "how ugly" said one, "how clumsy" said another.
And even his brothers started to take fun out of him.
The ugly duckling felt very sad. So one day he decided to leave behind that place and his suffering.
Exhausted he reached a swamp where a group of ducks lived. The ducks decided to let him rest underneath a big hollow tree.
At sunset two more ducks reached the swamp and they start to mistreat him straight away and told him to leave.
So the ugly duckling ran away very frightened while a big storm raged in the sky.
He wandered for many days until he reached a shed where there lived an old lady, a cat and a chicken.
He stayed there for a while, but the cat and the chicken were nasty and horrible to him.
One day a breath of wind brought the sweet sounds of a river. All of a sudden the ugly duckling wanted to swim and be free.
So he decided to leave forever the shed and those who lived there.
Autumn had already arrived and the trees were shedding all their leaves.
One morning the duckling noticed that there were some beautiful birds with long necks flying in the grey sky.
They were swans that were migrating to hot countries now that Winter was coming. The ugly duckling felt very jealous of them, so beautiful and elegant.
Winter came and it was very cold. The ugly duckling swam every day so he could move around and keep warm.
But one day it became so cold that the river almost froze completely and trapped him in the ice. The unlucky duckling was so exhausted he fainted.
The next day some children found him and broke the ice to free him. Then they took him home to warm him up.
But when the ugly duckling woke up, he got so frightened that he started to shout and flap his wings.
He broke free from the children and ran away as fast as he could.
The Winter was long and difficult. The ugly duckling carried on traveling and could never find a place where he was accepted and loved.
Then one day the buds started to open, the trees started to grow and the sun heated the ground with the arrival of Spring.
The little duckling felt stronger, his wings were bigger and he could flap them strongly and fly further and further.
One day he stopped at a pond where some majestic swans were swimming gracefully on the water. He stayed watching them, hiding behind a bush for many hours.
But when the Sun started to set, he couldn't resist the temptation to go and join them swimming.
He jumped into the pond, certain that the swans would have sent him away because he was so ugly, but when he flew over the surface he saw his reflection.
He was no longer an ugly duckling, he had turned into a beautiful swan. His heart filled with joy and happiness and the other swans came to greet him.
He had finally found his place in the World and lived happily ever after.

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